Post Reply Is the RWBY Manga Canon?
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Posted 3/12/16
Wanted to read it, but I also wanted to be sure It's canon. I keep searching the web for proof but I haven't really found anything official that proves that the manga is in fact canon. Can someone provide me with some? c:
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Posted 3/12/16 , edited 3/12/16
It's canon until it's not canon. Kerry and Miles - and the rest of CRWBY as applies - give Shirow oversight as needed, so it'll should all be canon for the foreseeable future.
But it was kind of implied that even if it's an adaptation, it's still his manga, so he may or may not choose to take it in a different direction in the future. That's the gist of it.

Canon till' it's not canon.

They talked in a bit more detail during the recap-stream before 12, so you may be able to gleam something else from it.


There's also some other threads about it set up if you want other peoples opinions.
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