Does Anybody Want to Write a Story With Me?
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Posted 3/12/16 , edited 3/13/16
I do not have an idea for what the story will specifically be about yet, but I want to create something ambitious that I can step above and improve off of as I get older. But I want to be inspired by an idea enough to feel the inner need and obligation to see the idea to the end, so if there are any creative individuals that want to help me work on this idea, I would love a writing partner that I could collaborate with!

I would be willing to work with you through email, skype, this site, Facebook, or whatever else is convenient for the both of us. But I need someone (or a few people) who is/are willing to keep working with me and not give up on the project. I want to finish 12 or more scripts depending on what the story is.

Since I will probably get questions, asking what I have planned, all I can tell you so far is that I will be working on ideas, and I am typically inspired by anime such as Haibane Renmei, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Steins; Gate, etc. That's not to say that I want to do something mech-related or something with time travel. I just like the soul-searching, psychological type anime. Maybe that's a bit pretentious since I've never put together a project of this scale before, but I plan to break my back for an idea I am excited by, so if you seek to work with someone who will not give up and quickly run out of energy on an idea, I will do my best. Feel free to chat here or even pm me.
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Posted 3/31/16 , edited 4/1/16
Most people want to see a train rolling before they jump on. That's just human nature. Start something, explain some details, and then ask if anyone else wants to help.

Actually, though, if you don't feel inclined to a particular direction, go RPing on some forums, get some ideas, and maybe build a story about your adventures. Heck - other people have already done half the work for you and maybe they'd be willing to work with you.
I personally found it easier to be creative in RPing. It was easy to force myself to put something down in text instead of just musing about it. Sometimes it's easier to progressively develop stories, but it's awfully nice if you already have something in writing.
And of course, have fun.
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Posted 4/4/16 , edited 4/4/16
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Posted 4/4/16 , edited 4/5/16
I can give advice and help edit if you wish.
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