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Post Reply How would you feel is fanservice was gone?
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Posted 3/30/16

again wrote:

A lot of people complain about fanservice.. I mean I sure as hell do, it bothers me, I'm just trying to enjoy the good plot not "pleasure" myself. So let's say manga just stopped with it. No panty shots, tits flying, it's just done. Would you mind?

I'm sure i have expressed my own personal view on fan service before but here i go again...

I think there should be some unwritten rules when it comes to fan service stand alone films or one off animes should not have it in, series should have it in but only after series 2 once the show is established and OVA's should always have it in to be they are there for the fans in the first place. The only exception for the above is long standing shows that go on to do more then 1 film then that would be acceptable also for example Naruto.
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