Post Reply Episodes not showing even though there should be videos
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24 / Köln
Posted 3/14/16
So when I try to watch Kuroko no Basket I can't see any episodes, but I still can add it to my Queue. But I can't see it there either.
Anyone got an idea why I can't see those episodes?
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61 / M / Earth
Posted 3/14/16
Regional restrictions, I would say... From the RSS page listing the allowed countries, I don't see Germany/Deutchland in there:
AI Anguilla
AG Antigua and Barbuda
AW Aruba
BS Bahamas
BB Barbados
BZ Belize
BM Bermuda
CA Canada
KY Cayman Islands
CR Costa Rica
CU Cuba
DM Dominica
DO Dominican Republic
SV El Salvador
GL Greenland
GD Grenada
GP Guadeloupe
GT Guatemala
HT Haiti
HN Honduras
JM Jamaica
MQ Martinique
MX Mexico
MS Montserrat
NI Nicaragua
PA Panama
PR Puerto Rico
BL Saint Barthélemy
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis
LC Saint Lucia
MF Saint Martin (French part)
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
TT Trinidad and Tobago
TC Turks and Caicos Islands
US United States of America
VG Virgin Islands, British
VI Virgin Islands, U.S.
AR Argentina
BO Bolivia, Plurinational State of
BR Brazil
CL Chile
CO Colombia
EC Ecuador
FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
GF French Guiana
GY Guyana
PY Paraguay
PE Peru
SR Suriname
UY Uruguay
VE Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
DK Denmark
FO Faroe Islands
FI Finland
GG Guernsey
IE Ireland
IM Isle of Man
JE Jersey
NL Netherlands
NO Norway
SE Sweden
GB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
AS American Samoa
AU Australia
GU Guam
NZ New Zealand
ZA South Africa

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