Can anyone tell me the name of this anime please?
Posted 3/14/16

All I have is this gif, I've been looking all over and got nothing (▰︶︹︺▰)
Posted 3/14/16
This sucks so Bad no one knows the name of this anime
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Posted 3/14/16
The gif is from a short called Iconic Field. It was made for the Japan Animator Expo and was streaming up until January 31.

It's longer available, but you can still look through the storyboards and designs. Link.

I watched it and I'll be honest, it had stellar animation, but was otherwise totally incoherent nonsense.
Posted 3/14/16

Dude you're awesome Thank you so much. It sucks that I've missed the streaming, hopefully they put it back up in the future. Also I appreciate the link. At least I'll be able to look through the storyboard and designs
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Posted 4 days ago
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