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Posted 3/14/16
Knowing what shows others watch is interesting, but genres, at least to me is just as much so. So it can be one, or numerous (But I suppose you'd have to make a top list, if that were the case)

So with that said, what is your favourite genre & show (both do not have to match)

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17 / F / Carlow, Ireland
Posted 3/14/16
Genre - Romance & Comedy or Action

Show - Golden Time (Rom) Hunter X Hunter (Action / Adventure) and also Fairy Tail
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Posted 3/14/16 , edited 3/14/16
Supernatural Rom/Com

Manga tend to handle the stories better than the anime adaptations

Actually, I am: only a single season

Rosario x Vampire: butchered

Posted 3/14/16
I like a few of different genres

Nanatsu no Taizai ( Action, Adventure & Comedy )

Junjou Romantic/Sekaiichi Hatsukoi ( RomCom & Yaoi )

Aquarion Evol ( Mecha )

Dance with Devils ( Reverse Harem )
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Posted 3/14/16
Character/plot focused action/adventure/epic/fantasy/SF with bishounen.
* Some sort of mystery/intrigue in the plot, plus complex characters - something for the brain to chew on.
* More at stake than a high school team competition.
* Pretty boys. Preferably in nice clothes.

Code Geass and K.

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20 / M / Costa Rica
Posted 3/14/16
Favorite genres:

1. Action/Adventure in fantasy settings (almost every shonen)
2. Mecha (Gurren Lagann best mecha of all time)

My favorite show is without a doubt Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

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