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Dinesh D'Soouza jailed for 2016 anti-obama movie
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Posted 3/15/16
I don't mind him being punished if he broke the law. What I don't like is
when the government only uses these laws to hurt individuals cause
they don't like something about that person. Just like gun laws, people
Illegally try to buy weapons all the time 45+ thousand (last time I looked)
a year get turned down for priory convection(NICS system) yet how many
do the government go after... under 100 a year... But they will say over and over
WE NEED MORE LAWS!!... Yeah sure you do...

I even like and have known this guy for over a decade now but still if you
break the law you have to pay for it.
Posted 3/15/16 , edited 3/15/16
Depends. A relatively minor punishment is 8 months. While I am disturbed that Clinton got away with her crime, this shouldn't be incentive to not punish other individuals if they did break a law. You forget that political filmmakers can be pseudo politicians, and in a way are more insidious than any real politician. Demagogue like Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, etc revel in their rhetoric trying to influence people to their side. In essence, filmmakers like D'Soouza are no less slimy with their propaganda than the politicians they criticize. Documentaries with a clear political bias are a joke. Take it with a grain of salt.
Posted 3/15/16
I have lived in hollywood land long enough ton never believe what you hear or see there is a reason it's called magic webs and spinning lies..
until you have spoken to that person keep mouth shut. I was thinking about creating a thread about this but nahh..Lol
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Posted 11/25/17
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