The Game Development World Championship
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Posted 3/16/16 , edited 3/16/16
Hi fellow otakus!

Are there anyone who makes video games or visual novels? Have you heard about Game Development World Championship? It’s a contest aimed at students, indie developers and new game start-ups who want global attention to their games. The contest has started already and will be running until the 30th of september.

You can basically submit any kind of game you want (of course you should check the rules first). Even visual novels can be submitted to the competition. The only major rule about submitting a game is that it has not been published elsewhere before 2016, meaning that if you have a game "in the works", it'd be able to be submitted. Or if you've always thought about making a game but just haven't gotten around to it, this could be a great chance to start!

Competition categories are entertainment games and serious games, with 3 finalists from each category winning a trip to Finland, Sweden and Slush 2016. Everyone who applies to the contest will also get a free e-book bundle (this is not public info yet but I was allowed to talk about it). The books are mostly about 3D modeling and Unity development.

The organizer is the Finnish company called Viope Solutions Oy.

So if you are interested, please take a look (and hopefully sign up!) at, ask about it here or shoot an email at [email protected]

I would personally be delighted if an anime-inspired game would win this competition =3
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Posted 3/16/16 , edited 3/16/16
sounds like cheating if someone has a half finished game and then they can polish it and etc before everyone else and how they can have a bigger chance of winning.
Even though that does not mean one could create a better one some don't need that much work only what it does or just does it really well.

Either it being a "dynamic puzzle", story and so on.

What I would want to create for such would maybe be a 2.5D of berserk (working a bit like chess combined with 2D scroller with env of that in berserk)
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Posted 12/31/17 , edited 12/31/17
End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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