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Posted 3/19/16 , edited 3/19/16

Raventhedarkangel wrote:

Jim : -Frowns but nods .- He is a little strange I just can't tell if he is crazy or just plane weird . -Goes over to them puts on a fake smile .- Hey Ed its nice to see you outside of work . I thought you where one that never went out and stuff .

Kayla : -Smiles and looks at Bruce and Mary .- Aw that is adorable . I am happy for them . I guess love happens at even that young of age . -Smiles to see Lily and Jim . Hugs Lily .- You look lovely I am happy for you two . How are you enjoying tonight so far ?

Beth : -Smiles at him and they hold hands and go to eat after they dance .- Hmm this is fun I wish we could do more of this stuff together . -Sees Mary and Bruce smiles warmly watching them .- I suppose it is . I heard she was staying with Bruce Wayne I guess they fell in love that is so cute .

Maroni : -Sighs .- I just worry about you and our kids to much . I will try and be nice to this Bruce . I just do not want her to get hurt .

Bruce : -Smiles at her . - I will have the same . I love those things .

Edward: And to you too deceive as well it is interesting to see you outside of the office, oh I do get out more off tine then most know I go out in the woods and enjoy things, say what has four legs in the Moring, two legs in the afternoon, three legs is the evening?

Lily: * Smiles delighted and hugs Kayla* Thank you so much you look lovely as well, you and Ed looks so cute together I'm happy for you. I'm loving tonight I have not had this much fun in a long time say I am having a consort this Saturday at Gotham's main club at 7 I would love for you and Ed to be there if you want.

Oswald: Aw that is sweet of Bruce Wayne having your sister there, given how things are in Gotham now maybe Wayne manor is safer for her. I worry about kids call me a warm fuzzy guy. * blushes while eating dinner*

Mary: * Starts to eat dinner * mmm theses are so good I love them. * looks around and giggles a bit to see a much older woman old enough to his great grandma giving Alfred the eye.* Oh poor Alfred a much older lady is checking him out.

Alfred: * Coughs a bit and moves more into the crowd to lose the old lady's eye.*

Galavan: * Shows up with Silver * Tomorrow after school the plan to tack out Mary will happen, specking of witch do you see them Silver?

Nicole: Aw my love that is so sweet of you, believe I know the feeling I can't bare the idea of our kids getting hurt. Beth is with Oswald and now our youngest is her first boy.
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