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Posted 3/16/16 , edited 3/16/16
Written by: battlewaitress

Myriad Colors Phantom World is the newest anime from the popular studio Kyoto Animation, and, like many of their other works, it is based off a novel series. The basic premise of the show is a 'teenagers with supernatural powers' route. A virus broke out which allows people to see phantoms; other-worldly creatures that sometimes are hilarious nonsense, and other times seem to be rooted in something more mythological.

The series has a monster of the week vibe. Episodes are self-contained, following the ragtag group of Haruhiko, Mai, Reina, Koito, and sometimes Kurumi, as they have to devise a method to fight against said phantoms. Some of these monsters include limboing telephone poles, three-headed dragons, and mind-altering bunnies. The characters themselves also have fun powers. Mai pulls elements from her boobs body to change her attacks, Reina is a literal black hole, Koito uses the power of her voice, Kurumi has a teddy bear who turns gigantic (which is adorable, by the way), and Haruhiko can summon monsters to help him fight... though that turns into a joke in and of itself.

The best part of Myriad is definitely the visuals. As usual, KyoAni spares no expense on the animation, or at least they don't make it obvious. The color palette is bright and beautiful, the characters adorable and fluid, and it definitely seems like they're having fun with some of the monster designs. The special effects put some variety in, too. One note I will make about it is that it's definitely much more fanservice-y than most of KyoAni's other shows. This could be a plus or minus for you; I'm not personally into it, but it's never super gross or overbearing, either.

Myriad Colors Phantom World is light fare, but it's still a fun show to watch. If you're into slice-of-life, supernatural, or just want to see the newest show in KyoAni's catalog, give it a try!

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Written by: Eclipsed_Oblivion

As expected from another supernatural harem anime by Kyoto Animation, Myriad Colors Phantom World is an eye-catching series. The visually spectacular, magical battles are highlighted by high quality animation and a bright colour palette, and the fantastical natures of these battles is intricately tied to the extraordinary world. The series does an impeccable job of establishing this world right from the first episode by blending fantasy with reality, and it continues to do so by way of its weekly introductory scenes. Such world building helps the battles to feel natural, which is significant considering the anime runs on what would otherwise be a tired monster-of-the-week formula. Also significant is how every encountered enemy is connected to the characters and their identities, making such obstacles feel meaningful as the characters become more complex.

Despite this, Myriad Colors Phantom World does have its issues, the most prominent one being its fan service. Unusual for Kyoto Animation, the amount of fan service in the first episode is over the top to the point of being contrived. For the most part, however, the rest of the series thus far tends to be much more tactful and subtle. Besides this, the anime is so character-driven that it lacks a solid storyline, which makes it difficult to differentiate the series from Kyoto Animation’s other supernatural anime. Even so, Myriad Colors Phantom World makes up for its faults through its setting and character development, so for those interested in mystical battles and character-driven stories, it’s the perfect series to watch this winter.

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Written by: edsamac

Let's face it. I'm sure many people agree with me that when it comes to a Kyoto Animation project, it's pretty much, hands down, shut up and take my money territory. I'm guilty as charged. So long as it's KyoAni at the helm, I'll watch it regardless.

Which makes it somewhat disappointing when the show fails to meet my expectations.

But don't get me wrong. I'm actually reprimanding myself for feeling this way. And I think the only reason I'm somewhat speechless as to what happened with KyoAni this season has much to do with their previous (and stellar) show, Sound! Euphonium. After enjoying such a well-polished production, it felt awkward to receive gratuitous fan service for seconds.

And this should not be the way I watch anime.

The show is basically a flavor of the week kind of thing, utilizing some trivial psychological concept or metaphor and twisting it in (oh so obvious) ways whilst playing around with its (colorful) cast of characters that are, basically, objects for (predictable) fan service. It runs along the lines of what you'd expect from a source material that basically objectifies its characters but seemingly excuses itself by being self-aware of its own outrageousness. "This is going to become like one of those clichéd romcoms!" Yes, very self-aware.

But that's not to say that it isn't any fun. I believe the only reason I'm so critical about this show is because it's in direct contrast to everything I believed the studio is capable of. But again, I have no say as to what KyoAni wants to and should work on, hence why I'm reprimanding myself for feeling this way. And as a result, I swallowed my own pride and watched the series to (surprisingly) my own delight. Look past the obvious fan service and you get a bunch of endearing teenage friends who have silly adventures in a world that is, quite frankly, beautifully ridiculous.

KyoAni has done it again, I'm afraid. This is definitely not one of their best works, but it is still fun to come home to the silly shenanigans of its characters and the world they inhabit. The show deserves not to be compared with any of the other great shows of KyoAni, but after all is said and done, it still truly is a shame.
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Posted 3/20/16 , edited 3/20/16
This show started with a lot of promise. I really enjoyed that first episode, everything about it was engrossing. The character designs, the premise, the pacing, the world building, and most of all the animation. The rest of the episodes after that, however, fell into a much more standard monster-of-the-week mire and has been summarily disappointing. I'm still watching it because it is still very pretty to look at but otherwise it hasn't been exceedingly entertaining or done anything nearly as awe inspiring.

This actually is very similar to Trigger's last show with "super powered" high schoolers that also had a very promising premise and then just completely coasted by and totally squandered it.
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Posted 5/6/16 , edited 5/7/16
Most scenes in this anime are landscape paintings that deserve their own prints. After watching a few episodes the story disappointed me and I started to loose interest. When I first started watching it I kept telling my brother to watch it. One day I'll visit this show again.
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