Post Reply What music do you draw/paint/craft to?
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32 / F / Corvallis, OR
Posted 3/16/16
Like the title says, what music do you like to paint/draw/craft to? Lately gangsta rap has been doing it for me lol. But other times I'm into epic fantasy music, metal, rock, and/or taiko drumming.

.....But maybe I'm missing out on something really awesome! What do you guys like to listen to while in creative mode?

I sketched this to some gangsta rap :D.
Posted 3/17/16 , edited 3/17/16
Kpop, puts me in a good mood.

I love your drawing of Shinra Kishitani. It's very clean and crispy. ^^
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Posted 3/17/16
Oohh good question, I have a bit of variety like Transformers 1986 Soundtrack
uhh also 1980 / 90's rock and roll
Jake Kaufman music!
Saxophone music too!!
Sonic R, I like it a lot!
Sonic CD, Sonic Boom and "You can do anything"
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M / Canada
Posted 3/21/16
Depending on my mood I listen to metal, EDM or anime OSTs.
But uplifting trance is definitely my favorite for work and arts.
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38 / M / Maniwa Japan
Posted 3/21/16
usually either classic rock, or EDM

I know that's pretty varied, but it works for me.
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