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What's your "buzz" word(s)?
Posted 3/19/16

Rujikin wrote:

Yuki_Narukami wrote:

The words Vegan, Gluten, Trump, Elections, Sword Art Online, and I think that's it
Any time I hear those words I want to just drop everything and leave

Sword are online is the best anime ever! You should watch it sometime! Even Trump approves of it!

I love SAO one of my most fav animes, and I've seen a lot of em. 4-5 shows every season.

legit opinion here but perfer SAO over AoT, thought AoT was alright, not spectacular though.

it's funny how my legit opinions could be bait

psh might as well add I hate Studio Ghibli's works and Hayao Miyazaki sucks.
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Posted 3/19/16
I would'nt say there are buzz words for me, but rather buzz topics. I mean 'Trump' and 'vegan' seem to be popular ones on here, but to me just getting ticked off that someone mentions it, in either positive/negative context, seems a bit harsh to me. As an extreme example I literally just mentioned to someone in my work that my studies invovle climate change and they were instantly, 'oh you must be so negative and have such biased science veiws....' So climate change was cearly her buzz word.

Having said all this if you started saying 'Trump' and then went on to say 'is an amazing man...' then I would walk out....
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Posted 11/25/17
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