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Posted 3/19/16 , edited 2/24/18
I'd like to see Crunchyroll providing a better recommendation system for similar shows watched, something akin to Netflix. Right now all you get is the "viewers also liked" 4 selections at the bottom of a show page, but it would be better to have a personal recommendation list in your account based on shows watched, the same way Netflix will recommend multiple things based on your viewing history.

It would also be advantageous to have a "recommend to a friend" facility for shows. That way if you've found a show you think a friend would like you could send it to them. The closest thing you have just now is if you share on Facebook you can opt to put it in a pm to someone or onto their page. But I think a "recommend to a friend" button on shows that then gave you the option of sending a recommendation message to a friend via different methods (email, facebook pm, facebook wall, twitter, crunchyroll buddy pm, etc.) would be of great help. It would be a great way to help introduce people to the service as well that aren't yet signed up.
Posted 3/19/16 , edited 2/24/18
Sounds like a good idea. I support this. You really thought this through. I admire that.
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