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Posted 3/19/16


Stock up on food , meet new people and slay demons
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Posted 3/23/16
"You're kidding right? What do you mean the base we had set up to the east was wiped out?"

Helion said as she opened her eyes and looked at the man sitting across from her, Helion and the man who went by the name of Rick were sitting at a table in one of the most expensive Cafe's, the man Rick sat across from Helion. Rick was a tall man with the height of 6 foot and half an inch, his shoulders were broad and well structured showing good genetics and a good training routine. Rick's body was built and muscular and Helion could tell that he was firm just by looking at him.

Helion had also seen how muscular Rick's legs were despite the white pants he wore which surprisingly fit with the brown jacket he wore. And Helion couldn't help but see that Rick wasn't bad looking, however contrary to what others were whispering about Rick and herself she wasn't here on a date. Helion was here on business and business alone, that didn't stop her from wearing one of her dresses however, the dress had pure white frills at the bottom with a dark navy blue over the top to form the dress.

The dress formed into a corset from Helion's hips to just below her rib cage, from above her rib cage the dress formed into a dress again rather than a corset and unlike most dresses the straps didn't go over her shoulders, no it went over the middle of her chest and neck before going around her neck and going down the middle of her back to connect with the dress again, on her arms the sleeves were long and opened so it was more like a kimono and above the fabric of the dress were metal bars like the ones you'd find on a prison cell.

On the connecting parts of the metal there were key holes just like they were locked, but Helion's fashion didn't stop there, on her head was a small navy blue hat with two red roses on it, however when the attention of Rick was attracted to Helion's face it could be seen that over Helion's left eye was an eye patch which was partially covered by her light purple hair. Helion's right violet eye locked onto Rick as Rick said.

"I'm sorry lady Helion there was nothing we could do"
"Rick you know how irritated right now do you not?"
"Yes lady Helion of course"

Helion replied her face dropping from a somewhat kind look to one of anger and seriousness which was enough to put Rick on edge, Helion then said.

"If you know how irritated I am right now, what do you plan on doing about it?"
"Lady Helion?"
"I am irritated Rick! What do you plan on doing about it?"

Helion snapped her tone full of annoyance and anger, her sadistic behaviour beginning to show.

"I'm afraid I don't know lady Helion.... there isn't really much I or anyone can do"
"Put your hand on the table"
"Lady Helion"
"Put your hand on the table"

Helion repeated and in response Rick slowly put his hand onto the table before screaming in agony as Helion picked up a knife and drove it through his hand and into the table saying.

"Wrong answer Rick! I can guess it was Circus who wiped out the base"
"Yes lady Helion"

Rick said pain in his voice and Helion smiled evilly, her cheeks going slightly red as she enjoyed seeing and hearing the pain Rick was in. Helion then turned the knife causing Rick to yell in pain once more, and at this point the customers had up and left while the workers stay back and out of the way. Helion then said.

"If you know who it was then find them, hunt them down and kill them... I didn't think I needed to tell you that! So get that damn fine ass of yours moving! And that's an order"

Helion pulled the knife out before picking up Rick's hand and licking some of the blood off his hand before swallowing the blood and dropping Rick's hand back onto the table, she then laughed before she turned around and walked away, however she stopped and said.

"I want whoever destroyed the base dead, and their head on my desk tomorrow, if you fail I will kill you as punishment"

And with that Helion walked away from the cafe and headed down the streets of the town an evil smile on her face and an excited look in her eyes.

(The dress can be better seen on the profile. Also just to make sure no misunderstandings happen, Helion isn't a noble, Rick is just calling her lady Helion out of respect for her position in Kafka)
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