Post Reply can't go to work but don't feel like going to doctor.
Posted 3/20/16
Does a sending a photo of diarrhea make a substitute for a doctor's note?
Because the room was spinning too fast to see anything and I really didn't feel like going anywhere in that condition.
Posted 3/20/16
guess it depends on if your supervisor is level-headed or not, I pretty much texted before on the day that I felt sick and couldn't show up, my supervisor was fine with it
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Posted 3/20/16
IF you have a reputation at work as an honest person, you shouldn't have a problem simply explaining you are too ill to work. Obviously, your health and that of your co-workers is your primary concern. Your employer doesn't want someone truly ill at work either, I'm sure.

Lastly, if you are seriously not feeling well, DO get medical attention - and feel better!
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