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Posted 3/20/16 , edited 3/20/16
dnd is my favorite rpg and just like about any board game. what are your faves?
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betrayal at house on the hill is fun every game is different if you wanna check it out game grumps play it look em up on youtube
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Posted 3/29/16 , edited 3/30/16
I haven't tried very many yet. D&D 3.5, 4 (ick), haven't tried 5th, Pathfinder, and Shadow Run a couple times but we didn't get very far as the group as a whole liked a more classic fantasy setting better. But I'm still rather inexperienced in the world of rpgs.

Board game wise... hm. So many.

Betrayal is okay. I've played it probably about five times now, and find that the appeal wears off pretty quick. But I dunno, preference I suppose. I have no idea why a company would make cards in a non-standard size (a different company started making card sleeves just for Betrayal), and provide sliders to track your stats that suck so much that buying 3D printed replacements is pretty much standard. Really, I wish Fantasy Flight was making that game, everything would look better, you'd get different pieces for different haunts, and things would be standard size. It would probably be another $30 or so, but it would be worth it. Or Plaid Hat, they'd do a good job too. But nope, Avalon Hill.

Anyways, games I like!

Galaxy Trucker: Made by CGE, you're building a piece of junk space ship before attempting not to die on your trip and maybe make a few bucks. You build your ship from tiles on a template, your connections have to line up or your ship will fall apart on take off. A tile laid is a tile played, so don't screw up. The first one to finish building flips the timer, then everyone else scrambles to finish. Then you begin travel. Every round you flip a card to see what you encounter. It could be empty space, cargo (yay profit!), slavers (yay profit?...), pirates, meteor swarms, disease, and much more! So hopefully your rust bucket hobbles its way across the finish line, and you end with a positive score. You play for three rounds, each round your ship gets bigger and the challenges you encounter get more difficult.

Dungeon Lords: Also by CGE and my favourite worker placement game. Just don't drop the imps, they suck to step on. You are the evil lord of a great dungeon! Or you want to be anyways, but its harder then it looks. You need to build, feed your worker imps, pay your hired monsters, arm your traps, and make sure people don't think you're too evil, because then the paladin comes along and punches your face in. Every turn, players declare their three actions in secret by placing three cards face down, two are locked for the next round (cannot be used twice in a row), while the next goes back into your hand right away. You take whatever actions you think make sense, while keeping in mind what heroes are on their way, how much you have to pay in taxes, wages, and all that. Once building is over, its time for the heroes to try and loot the dungeon. And hopefully they fail. If they defeat a room, that room docks from your score at the end, and you can no longer use it for anything. Which, if they defeat one of your special rooms, can really suck. A few rounds later, game is called, and you go through titles. Did you win any awards, like Most Evil, Most Rooms, Most Captured Heroes? The atmosphere of the game is fantastic, and the play is wonderful.

And Quarriors is fun. Its like a deck builder, but with dice, so a bit less predictable. Its by wizkids, they've carried the same mechanics over to a marvel version called dice masters. But I like monsters and wizards more. And not having to buy single character expansion packs... You roll six dice that you draw from your little baggie. Quiddity is like energy, you use it to buy stuff, but you can only buy one thing a round. Game ends when someone reaches 20 points, or when three creature cards are cleared, whatever comes first. The things you buy are more dice, which sit on piles on various cards. The cards explain what the dice do, as different sides do slightly different things. You score points by rolling a creature, paying its cost to summon it, and keeping it alive for one round. Then there are spells and things to buff, de-buff, re-roll, draw extra dice, all sorts of stuff. What I like about this one is that the combos don't get too disgusting, while still making your choices mater.

I could go on and on, but those three are some favourites and they're pretty different from each other. Galaxy Trucker is just so weird, don't think theres anything else like it. But the other two are good ways to see if you like a genre.

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Posted 3/30/16 , edited 3/30/16

Gurudokuta24 wrote:

betrayal at house on the hill is fun every game is different if you wanna check it out game grumps play it look em up on youtube

Second that betrayal at house on the hill recommendation. As far a table top rpgs go RIFTS and star wars saga editionare pretty good and I was playing D&D when 3.5 was out.
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Posted 3/30/16 , edited 3/31/16
Warhammer, what else? =)

Even my name here comes from my WAR goblin, MyNameIsGoblin JamesGoblin.

PS offtopic, but it was such a shame that Warhammer Online was shut down...WAAAGH!
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Posted 3/30/16 , edited 3/31/16
DnD 1st edition has an incredibly special place in my heart my dad taught it to me when I was in 2nd grade. Im also big into Shadowrun and Call of Cthulu.
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Posted 3/30/16 , edited 3/31/16
DnD and Warhammer Fantasy are D0pe as fug
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Posted 4/4/16 , edited 4/5/16
There are a lot of interesting table top RPGs out there and tons of great boardgames, really comes down to what you and your friends are into.

I got one recently called Ryutama. Haven't gotten a chance to actually play it yet but it's an english translation of a japanese RPG. Players are normal folk in a fantasy world; merchants, nobles, craftsmen, farmers, etc... who are setting out on a journey across the land. Together the players build the world that they are exploring.

The DM also gets a character in this game. A Dragon that follows the players in secret helping them along the way.

It looks like a lot of fun and it's a very easy game system. I just have to find some people to play it with me. (my regular gaming group is a little more Hack and Slashy)

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Posted 4/5/16 , edited 4/6/16
Battletech just got a re-release, which I picked up a copy of as soon as I saw it at my supplier's. The rules haven't changed, so if you have any older books from the FASA days they still work (which I do ^_^). Interestingly enough it was made by Topps, so they seem to be answering Upper Deck in their entry into the tabletop gaming market.

Also, there is a game on Steam called Tabletop Simulator. It's cool as hell, and there are TONS of games in the Workshop.
Posted 4/6/16 , edited 4/6/16
Warhammer 40 k Chaos space marines TZEENTCH BOYZ
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End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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