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Posted 3/20/16
Anime and the like tends to be more of an infrequent guilty pleasure of mine than anything else, but I finally went and got a CR premium account so I could get some of the better ones out of the way while very little else is running which interests me at the moment. The problem is I don't actually know what those better ones are.

Since I'm more of an initiate to all the lovable weeb bullshit, I'm a bit picky. I get that a lot of anime has to be produced on a miniscule budget compared to what I'm used to in the West, but I'm still looking for shows that actually have superb writing or animation or both rather than the comparably half-assed manga conversions. Basically, I'm looking for something to satisfy my intense craving for Code Geass until Funimation finally releases it again. I'm not necessarily looking for the same genre, although I adored the setting and tone of CG: LoTR absolutely. Just something with a similar level of polish. A couple other examples of what I've enjoyed in the past includes Towa no Quon and Arpeggio of Blue Steel. I suppose I'm a sucker for the well animated action sequences or the writing that appeals to escapist intellectualism.

If you have suggestions for shows not available on CR, I appreciate those too; I'll keep them on the backburner for what I move on to after CR.

So far I've like what I've seen from CR's shows and it's community while I've lurked for a bit, I'm just not sure where to go from here Thanks in advance for the help! <3
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Posted 3/21/16
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Posted 3/21/16
As far as stuff not on CR I'd recommend Gunbuster if you like older animation.
As it is a 6 episode OVA it isn't much of a time investment. If character development is something you particularly love to see implemented well it has some of the most beautifully integrated character development I've ever seen.
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Posted 3/23/16 , edited 3/23/16
On Crunchyroll:
Humanity has Declined
Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
The House of Small Cubes
Kids on the Slope
Flowers of Evil
Shinsekai Yori
The Rose of Versailles
(I don't have region block on this laptop so there may be a couple more I forgot)
Off Crunchyroll:
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Angel's Egg
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Sword of the Stranger
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal
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Posted 3/23/16
Humanity has Declined is fantastic.

I wouldn't recommend Angel Beats for some reason I was never able to get through it without dropping it... haven't tried watching it (again) in about six months. Maybe I should try again.
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Posted 3/23/16 , edited 3/23/16
Thanks for the recommendations! I really appreciate it.
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