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Posted 2/13/17
I write because it's therapeutic. Sometimes I have no choice but to write. I love thinking deeply about something and reaching for the truth of it. Sometimes it takes me all day or several just to ferret something out that would seem simple on the surface of it.

The most fun is when I think of a little line that sounds profound. Then I sprinkle those into a story. Like, "A false cry for help is, still, a cry for help.", "Fear exists inside all of us, some more than others, but action, in spite of that fear, matters", and a small conversation, " 'Why do we exist?' 'To answer a question with a question, why should we exist?' ". I think it makes interactions amusing and interesting and memorable.

I write about the lessons learned from fear, sacrifice, loneliness, suffering, enduring, overcoming, and moving forward. The strength created from having weakness, losing to it, resolving it, standing up and moving past it. Putting those realizations in a story to be learned by others. To empathize with others who have the same realizations. Putting my motivations into a character so that others can relate to me. To experience, once again and sometimes vicariously, love and hopes and dreams long past. To try to save others from the same fate. To become friends with my characters. I think all that makes me feel less alone. It lets people climb the mountain I built up from those experiences and when they reach the peak, maybe they'll have the same view I did.

Mostly, because I have too much to say sometimes, .
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