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Posted 4/24/16 , edited 4/25/16
What? Don't lose weight because of others, lose weight because you want to. Personally I couldn't gain weight if I tried but you're not going to lose weight with a weak resolve like that.

My recommendation, load this and get dancing. NO JOKE, this shit sheds weight.

Even better
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Posted 4/24/16 , edited 4/25/16
Thanks, it feels like my own resolve is not enough, one more :D

P.S. I need a master
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fredreload wrote:
one more :D

Your ideal weight is what ever you're comfortable with that won't impact your health negatively with excess or not enough.
It's quite normal to be overweight and still healthy.
The trick seems to be maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet, which often means doing what's very different from modern life and going without some luxuries that are so readily available and taking extra time and effort into meaningless physical exertion.
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Posted 4/25/16 , edited 4/25/16
Thanks Sir_jamesalot, I feel that my overweight is getting me on an unattractive side, and I feel tired 24/7. My weight is around 100kg right now around 220 pounds, my ideal weight should be around 80kg, 176 pounds for male.
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Hit the Gym!
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On foods;

Eat stuff with protein to feel full (feeling hungry is disaster to any diet).
-eggs, chicken, protein powder, peas, etc

Plan your meals in advance.

Avoid sugar (it really goes without saying...)
-ESPECIALLY avoid/disown soft drinks. (if you must have one, prefer sugarless)

-No matter how desperate you are to lose weight, eat at least one FULL meal a day, preferably on the morning side.

Afford yourself a free day/evening once a week
-(ie you can eat what you want/how much you want)
-(totally disallowing yourself treats will eventually lead to a blowout)

Not foods;

Walk. At least half an hour/day if weather allows it. Or run if you're so inclined, but just walk is ok.

Hit the gym/train with dumbbells/do push-up/similar 2-3 days a week.
(body needs ~48 hours to recover, especially with heavier exercise, so don't try to train every day of a week. You can however push a training day to the fullest...)


Personal experience.

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Posted 4/27/16 , edited 4/28/16
People have recommended a lot of great methods and tips for weight loss so I won't add any more to that!

Though I would like to say that you don't need to lose weight to get the girl, it's always best to find someone who accepts you for who you are, not who you are minus 10kg! Obviously the benefits of getting yourself down to a healthier weight are countless, which is a pretty great reason in itself. You've got to be motivated though so if losing weight for a girl helps you get there - go for it :D

Stay strong buddy.
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Posted 4/29/16 , edited 4/29/16
Based on the healthy BMI recommendation, your recommended weight is 58.6 kgs - 79.2 kgs for your height.

In addition I would suggest to avoid simple carbohydrates such as white bread, white potato, white rice, pasta, etc. Simple carbohydrates are immediately converted to sugars as they get digested. Unless you are active, I would avoid them. Eating complex carbohydrates is preferred. Complex carbohydrates are: whole grain breads, brown rice, sweet potato, quinoa. Complex carbohydrates take longer than simple carbohydrates to convert to sugar and they also high in fiber.

This site will explain simple and complex carbohydrates.

Wish you the best!
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