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Posted 3/22/16
To start, it really is true, God answers your prayers, no matter what it is you are asking for. However, he might not necessarily just give whatever you ask for to you. Here's things I'd like to point out, as someone who's had many miracles happen in my life.

You Must work to get what you want/need - God gives you the opportunity, the rest is for you to complete.

As for ways God has answered my prayers, I'll start with pretty much the story of my life:
When I was 6, I prayed I could get out of my current church, as it was more a cult than a church (ex-Jehovah's witness), the Lord gave me my opportunity to run away when I was 15, from there, I met someone who's now my wife (yes, I'm lesbian, hate all you like for words cannot destroy the soul and you can't lower my self-esteem), her name is Isanami, she helped me live in a time in which I was homeless. Literally after having ran away at midnight I prayed that I'd have somewhere to live and just as I said "amen" Isanami was there to help me out, she's from a rich family, and it's incredible how kind her parents were to let me live there until I had a living wage. As for my wife, Isanami, who's prayer was also answered. Turns out Isanami had actually prayed to one day be married, problem was she was infertile, meaning she can't have babies... Which in her church, they always nagged her about how she'll never be married cause of that. Isanami when she was 8 had always prayed she'd one day get married. Turns out God answered both our prayers at the same time. When I was 22, I got married (we got married only about two years ago) to Isanami. We adopted a kid, again, mainly as Isanami is not able to have children so we worked around that.
On to my daughter Mika, who's prayer was also answered, she was adopted as I mentioned, her biological parents abused her pretty badly (Her biological parents got arrested for tying Mika to a tree and whipping her with a belt) When she went for adoption, she had been praying she'd have parents who would take care of her properly.

Overall my family has been blessed by the Lord multiple times. I now live a life peacefully with my wife and daughter, I work a night-time shift as a paramedic (which pays really well) oh and Isanami already had 500K in her bank account when we got married. Our daughter Mika is incredible, she's got straight A's on all her courses at school and she's really fun to play on the Xbox-One with (until she gets spawn-camped in call of duty). We currently live in an 8-room mansion and we got overall a really nice life.

Without God I'd probably still be in that cult being beaten apon by the members of the Jehovah's witness church for something stupid like wanting to have friends.
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