Fate/Stay Night (2006)
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Posted 3/22/16
Hi there,

So I am currently watching Fate/Stay night: unlimited blade works and i am realizing it is almost completely different than the Fate/Stay Night that came out in 2006. I don't have any major complaints about this sites selection or anything, I just liked the Fate/Stay Night that came out in 2006 way better, and I want other people to experience and/or know that there is three different canon scenarios of the events during Fate/Stay NIght (known as routes) and that unlimited blade works is not the only scenario considered canon, just the most recently released. It may be biased but I think the original anime is far better in plot and personally I would LOVE to watch it again. So I request/recommend that CR adds it to its anime collection and for anyone who likes the series and doesn't know about this to look into it. Please note that I don't demand it, I just think it will benefit the site and the fans with having as much of the series available as possible. Thanks for listening to my request :
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Posted 3/22/16 , edited 3/22/16
Hi there,

I'm sorry to close this but we don't allow these requests on the main forums.
You as a premium member can however request Crunchyroll to add titles to their catalogue, you can do so by joining the Cunchyroll Premium Members group and adding your suggestion to the following topic:
What series/ movie/ drama/ manga would you like to see on CR .

Anyhow, regarding your request above, CR actually has Fate/Stay Night already.

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