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19 / Quebec, Canada
Posted 3/22/16
Posted 3/22/16
Just work hard at getting them! You'll have them in no time.
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Posted 3/23/16
Even though I think this is a troll I'll answer this because I am going to guess some people are actually curious. There is no real way to "Get Abs". You can tone your abdominal muscles with sculpting exercises and lose weight but for abdominal muscles to show you need to reach a specific, extremely low, body fat % (around 8% I believe and for comparison the healthy range is around 15%). However, for the majority people in the world that simply isn't possible. It has nothing to do with fitness level either but the way you a built genetically. For example you can take two guys in the gym and train them side by side, same exercises, cardio, meals, etc. If one is predisposed to having the low body fat % they will develop the outline for abdominal muscles but the other may be predisposed to having larger biceps and chest muscles and will develop those.

The end result really is that if you're in the gym or working out focus on yourself. The guy or girl next to you probably wants something you have naturally just like they have something you want naturally. Focus on being healthy and beating the person in the mirror and you'll be much happier.

For anyone wondering Men's Health recently did a study and found women actually don't prefer guys with the fabled 'six-pack' (only about 6%) but instead wanted broad shoulders and large arms (around 70%). The reason? Broad shoulders and large arms indicate the ability to protect and provide for a family better than someone with a tiny waist and six pack. Even the fashion industry has moved away from the six pack to guys with more defined arms and upper torso.
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