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Posted 3/22/16 , edited 3/22/16
Which would you prefer? (male varieties available, too):

Bunny Girls - Shy, hyper, and very fertile, these vegetarians love the outdoors.

Dog Girls - Combining the loyalty of a dog and intellect of humanity, these ones like to chase small woodland animals, are very defensive of those they are loyal to, and prefer playing in the mud to actually taking advantage of their intelligence

Kitten Girl - Combining the cuteness of kitten with the adorableness of a child, these are the younger versions of catgirls. Be warned they are carnivorous and have claws.

Squirrel Girls - They have long bushy tails, are very hyper, love to bury stuff, and are obsessed with nuts.

Blob Girls - They are made of slime and eat stuff by surrounding it. They love to give hugs.
Posted 3/22/16 , edited 3/22/16
"Bunny girl" should include a disclaimer of them biting and kicking the shit out of things when pissed off.

Anyway, I choose kitty.
Posted 3/22/16
Kitten girls.
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Posted 3/26/16
dang its a tie between kitten girls or dog girls
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