Post Reply I can't use gifs as a profile picture?
Posted 3/22/16
So I'll admit, I do change my profile picture often. I'm not entirely sure if that has anything to do with it or not. I've seen other people who have gifs as a profile picture, who have no problems whatsoever. Whenever I try to add a gif as a new profile picture, it always glitches out. In fact, I've even seen this happen with normal pictures, though it usually happens with gifs.

So is there a reason all my gifs keep glitching out? Is anyone else experiencing these problems?
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Posted 3/22/16
The image processor that CR uses for when you upload images doesn't like gifs very much. There are two things you need to look out for when trying to upload a gif. You want it to be exactly 200x200px so that it doesn't try to resize it. The other thing is that there can't be any transparency in any of the layers, as it will be replaced with grey. You can remove transparency from gifs by opening it in photoshop and resaving it with transparency not checked. I believe there are ways to do it with other image editors as well, but I am not familiar with them.
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Posted 3/22/16
Hiya! and yes im not and expert but when that does happen i do use photoshop to fix it, i can fix it for you if you want? if you dont have photoshop~
Posted 3/22/16
Thank y'all for the help, and no thanks anime haven i'm good.
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