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Posted 3/22/16 , edited 3/25/16
My Manga app won't load Fuuka chapter 100, although everything else seems to load such as Fuuka 101. Also, Fuuka 100 and 101 are just not appearing on my computer's list of chapters. I've been trying to load this chapter for a week. I just want to read it HELPP
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Posted 3/22/16 , edited 3/23/16
No doubt someone will be along any moment now get this issue fixed that's been present for over a week. And I'm sure someone will be along right behind them, to explain how it happened and how they're planning to keep it from recurring.

And I'm absolutely glad a Brand Manager has been "very actively working on new systems for better communication, though and you should expect to see them in coming iterations." For six months*.

* - Ever since they realized that maybe more than "Oops" was in order for blatantly ignoring it every time someone tried to bring problems like this to their attention, capped off by the manga server being completely down twice for a total of over three days in the span of a week or two. And as you can see, their response was wholehearted and genuine.
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