Post Reply I can't send guestbook posts to some of my friends.
Posted 3/23/16 , edited 3/23/16
Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

vv With some of my friends/buddies, when I try to send them a guestbook message, I'll get this message vv

I know it's not just me, because one of my buddies, -DeadlyNightshade, says he isn't getting any responses in his guestbook. [and he isn't.]

People can send me guestbook notes just fine. But with some of my buddies/friends, I have trouble getting my messages through to them.

Is anyone else having this problem?
Posted 3/23/16 , edited 3/23/16
help please xD
Posted 3/26/16 , edited 3/27/16
I need the book fixed as well k
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Posted 3/30/16 , edited 3/31/16
i am having this problem with problem with my own guestbook
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Posted 4/1/16 , edited 4/2/16
Same thing is happening to me with the same message
Posted 4/11/16 , edited 4/11/16
My guest book is also down.
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