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Post Reply What game is so bad it's good?
Posted 8/11/16

Mind games
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Posted 8/11/16

JaydraDawn wrote:

retrometroid wrote:

Deadly Premonition has awful gameplay with 100% shoehorned combat, the performance is terrible on every single platform, and yet the story is super interesting and the characters are bizarre in a very Twin Peaks manner. this link is a perfect example of how offbeat it gets.

Seconded! Deadly Premonition is terrible on paper, and often in execution, but it has more personality and charm than nearly any other game I've played, you just gotta love it. It is definitely 'Twin Peaks: The Video Game', you have the eccentric FBI agent, the isolated mountain town of other weirdos and eccentrics, and a freaky supernatural edge to the murders being investigated. It is the epitome of 'so bad it's good', it shouldn't work- and it doesn't! But it also kinda does!

I'm going to go ahead and paste D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die onto this discussion. Quite a bit like a high res Deadly Premonition, in terms of script, music, and tone. Not really sure if it's a good or bad game, even after playing it, but I've definitely concluded that it's a game.

Bonus: More food scenes:
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