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Posted 3/24/16
I'm a big fan of the mecha genre but most of what I watch is in the real robot category, and I figured it was time to expand into the Super robot genre. I didn't know where to start really, but then I remembered Go Nagai, one of my favourite mangaka, created plenty of giant robot manga that got some successful anime adaptations. Now you would think I would just start with Mazinger, but to be quite honest I'm just not a fan of that mech's design. I know it means a ton to the industry, but those weird chest fins and odd head shape put me off a bit. I would still watch it if the story and characters are good but I'm curious. What is the best of the go nagai mech anime?
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Posted 3/24/16 , edited 3/24/16

octorockandroll wrote:
What is the best of the go nagai mech anime?

Getter Robo:Armageddon (ova) Shin Getter ain't bad either.

As for starting with Mazinger i recommend the following three in any order for their different designs.
The american comic
You can read all of it on the wiki. Mazinkaiser SKL for being a fun short watch and Mazinkaiser's 7 ova's followed by Mazinkaiser dai shogun being the 2003 ova.

After you watch Mazinkaiser you can than watch Shin Mazinger as i'm sure you'll be interested enough to look past the design by that point.
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