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Posted 3/24/16 , edited 3/24/16
Having a "Viewers Also Liked" for shows/music can be a very good tool for finding similar content, I cant even count the amount of music i've found that way.

But here there might as well not even be one as every time its just going to say:
Naruto Shippuden
One Piece
Fairy Tail

And 1 other anime that alters in, but GATE is starting to fill that spot more times than not.

I know they are the most popular by a landslide but it kind of destroys that whole system of finding new content when its always just going to show those. Maybe when a show gets so popular that it dominates a spot on every genre list it just gets removed from the running and added to a semi permanent side bar on the site.
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Posted 3/24/16 , edited 3/24/16
While you're waiting for that, you could have a look at the Be Adventurous page on Rotten Sushi. Find a show you liked here on CR to get suggestions for others with a (sometimes mysterious) similarity. Looking at the poll results for each show will eventually give a better idea of what is popular as more people start to participate in them (I hope).

You can also check out the extended tags index page, if you wish.

I'll be working over the next week or two to incorporate the new shows which were added here this season into the mix. Usually I have that done near the end of each season, but this time I'm a bit late getting started due to personal reasons.

Or you could also hit the random show button (the dice icon near the search bar at the top of every CR page): /random/anime
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