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Posted 3/25/16 , edited 3/25/16
Please consider the following screenshots I made. In particular, look at the red markings I put.

I'd say the screenshots speak for themselves, but just in case they don't (or they get taken down for whatever reason):

The section "Alphabetical > View All" only shows 1 manga beginning with "A" (Action Mask), but the "Popular" section shows me at least 2 other manga beginning with "A": "Arakawa Under the Bridge" and "Aizawa-san Multiplies".

And it doesn't just stop at "A".
The only manga that is featured in both screenshots is "Is this Girl for Real!?"

Frankly, if I click on "View All", I expect to see ALL the manga that are available in my region, and not just a couple of them.

And before you ask: Yes, all the manga you can see on both screenshots are available in my region, and I can read them just fine. All except "Maga-Tsuki" and "Persona Q", which are "Coming Soon" on the right side. Why I would care about new chapters for manga I can't even read, is entirely beyond me, but that's the current state of Crunchyroll's manga service: terrible.

I really hope you can fix this at some point, because I want to browse through all the manga available in my region. You can't exactly expect me to know every single manga you host which are also available in my region, after all.
Posted 3/25/16 , edited 3/25/16
Nice catch, that's something to definitely look out for while browsing.
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Posted 3/29/16 , edited 3/29/16

Nolonar wrote:

Your point is embarrassing as heck, so you can expect a reply some time between "Never" and "Go Away".

But cheer up: When he was asked why they blatantly ignore issues (after one particularly-sad fiasco), a brand manager acknowledged this and said they're "very actively working on new systems for better communication... and you should expect to see them in coming iterations."

Granted, that was six months ago. But that means it'll be any day now, right?
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Posted 7/28/16 , edited 7/28/16
My main issues are iOS manga app crashes and lack of view all titles in the iOS app!
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