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Name :
Pic :

Rank in life: ( Noble ,Servant , Royal , etc )
kingdom :
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Name : Melot
Pic :

Name: Lancelot

Name: Myrcella
Age: 21
Sex: F
Rank in life: Noble
kingdom : Britain, Camelot ( later)
Job: no job
Lover: Tristan
Bio: Myrcella is Lord Mark's youngest Melot's younger sister, their mother was pregnant with their baby brother or sister when the Irish attacked years ago killing their mother, Tristan protected Myrcella they grew up together but that changed to love as time when by.

Name: Susan
Age: 20
Sex: F
Rank in life: Servant ( now) Royal ( later)
kingdom : Camelot
Job: house work
Lover: Arthur
Bio: Susan is Guinevere's younger sister but unlike her sister Guinevere who is wild with a worrier heart, Susan is not a fighter a gentler soul Guinevere protects Susan more like a mother then a sister because of Susan's gentle sprit and heart, Susan meat Arthur when he was Ireland pretending to be there for peace. He saved her and all the others, they soon fell in love and got married.
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Name : Arthur
Pic :

Name : Tristan
Pic :

Name: Amber
Age: 16
Sex: female
Rank in life: ( Noble )
kingdom : Ireland
Lover: Melot
Bio: She is the younger sister of Isolde .She is at first supposed to marry Lord Wictred . Of course she does not want to but she has no choice . She meets Melot when they are there pretending to make peace . He saves her and takes her with him .

Name: Elena
Sex: female
Rank in life: ( Royal )
kingdom : Britain
Lover: Lancelot
Bio: She is kidnapped by the Irish king and Arthur and the others and sent there to save her . On the trip back to her castle her and Lancelot make love and fall in love . She asks if she can run away with him but he says she has to wait until he is a free man . He returns to her when the war is over and takes her away with him .
Pic :
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