This maybe a weird question but looking for avatar pics
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Hi all like the title says i'm looking for new avatar pics mostly of Irisviel Von Einzbern From fate zero and fate kaleid liner prisma illya.

Mostly looking for well pics that just look good as an avi or profile pic and well mostly high quality like my current pic. So If you know any put a link or the pic itself also maybe a group that makes avi's for you.

Mostly would just like a few better pics to switch between lol.

Edit: I meant to ask this in the advice forum lol. Also just put in a request to have it moved lol.
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You can find a ton of them by doing a Bing image search with a few key words, then select and crop the portion of the picture you want to use as an avatar with readily available free software.

If you are not familiar with how to do that, I would be happy to help you (especially if you're looking for an animated gif)... feel free to e-mail me!
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Posted 3/25/16 , edited 3/26/16
Thanks I found 4 new pictures to use for an avatar/profile pics so thanks I used both bing and the zerochan link.
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OP Nuked. Locked.
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