[Misc] Bi weekly poetry topic
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Posted 3/26/16
Calling all poets! For this topic we Will be tapping into your creative side and would like you to post a poem about comics/manga or animation/anime it can be as long or as short as you wish and it doesn't need to rhyme, all we ask is you match it to the theme of the week. I look forward to seeing your works.
Posted 3/26/16
Shokugeki Poem:

I'm a chef trained from the Totsuki,
Cooking against the Aldinis,
Befriending people like Megumi,
And being watched by the Nakiris
I strive to achieve,
The best I can be so I am free
Matching up in Shokugekis
I'll show people I'm the king bee
So come and see my abilities
in the kitchen there's only you and me.

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Posted 3/27/16
This called Marvelous

I put the x in xman
on the web like spiderman
trying to earn money like iron man
small but mighty like ant man
i'm gardian of this galaxy
because it is my teritory
trying to act slick as if i am cool,
just like the bad man called Dead Pool
like black widow im a super spy
better sniper than hawk eye
im hulk so hear me roar
swing the mic like the hammer of thor
i am fantastic for shure
marvel at what we have in store
Posted 4/3/16
The Seven Sins:

My sin of wrath as I destroy all in my path, until I laugh,
Embracing my pride and displaying it high, to conceal my lie,
Eating to my heart's content, the joys of gluttony, It's truly fattening,
Desiring all things, just to feed my Greed, and become freed,
To display lust instead of love, just to prevent me becoming rust, but it's really Just,
Envious I envision, taking it all away so we stay the same, you can't have fame,
Now I'm feeling slothful... it's joyful the bliss peace as I lay there, tired, maybe it's time to retire...
All this to impress Father... That's my purpose, my reason for living it's deceiving...
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