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Posted 3/26/16

So, I'm too scared to ask my friend (huge anime fan; I am, too) out on a date at school. We're both shy about a lot of things, and... this was the way that I figured would make things easiest. Hopefully. It's a simple C++ program, so take the quote below and paste it into

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main() {
string word1, word2, word3, word4, word5, word6, name, word7, fw1, fw2, fw3, fw4, fw5, fw6;

cout << "Welcome. Please enter your name, <subject>! " << endl;
cin >> name;
cout << endl << endl << "Your name is " << name << ", correct?" << endl;
cout << "Hello, " << name << ". You will be presented with a series of questions. Please do your best to answer them." << endl << endl;
cout << "Question 1: What is the name of the person giving you this survey to complete?" << endl;
cin >> word1;

cout << "Question 2: How many members are there in the House of Commons (lower house) in the United Kingdom?" << endl;
cin >> fw1;

cout << "Question 3: fill in the blank in the common phrase: 'A person's last ____ and testiment.'" << endl;
cin >> word2;

cout << "Question 4: The critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY franchise was created by what company (one word)?" << endl;
cin >> fw2;

cout << "Question 5: What are the last three letters in the word 'bayou'?" << endl;
cin >> word3;

cout << "Question: What question number is this?" << endl;
cin >> fw3;

cout << "Question 7: When the light turns red, you stop. When the light turns green, you do what?" << endl;
cin >> word4;

cout << "Question 8: T/F: When a board is crossed with a nail, the output is a nailed board." << endl;
cin >> fw4;

cout << "Question 9: The popular American television series Game of Thrones takes place predominantly in Westeros (and in parts of Essos). Given that the majority of Westeros is a volatile climate with no true central govenrment, one would be stuck fnding work in the bureaucracy. Assuming that the theory of trickle-down economics is a myth -- and has been proven false -- the only thing one can hope to do is live off the land. The majority of nature is outside. How do you spell the word 'out'?" << endl;
cin >> word5;

cout << "Question 10: The last question was considerably longer than all the others. How many words were in the question?" << endl;
cin >> fw5;

cout << "Question 11: Compose a short story (in one word) where the beginning and middle and end are all the same word. To add to the challenge, the only word you can use to craft the story is 'with'." << endl;
cin >> word6;

cout << "Question 12: As the survey nears its end, simple math skills must be tested. How many times can the 302 LAW be factored? (One word)." << endl;
cin >> fw6;

cout << "Question 13: The word 'mean' wouldn't be so mean if the last two letters were removed from the word. What two letters remain after doing the subtraction?" << endl;
cin >> word7;
cout << endl << endl << endl;

cout << "Congratulations! You have completed the survey. An aggregation of your responses to odd-numbered questions is reprinted below." << endl << endl;

cout << name << "'s Response: '" << word1 << ", " << word2 << " " << word3 << " " << word4 << " " << word5 << " " << word6 << " " << word7 << "?'";

cout << endl << endl << endl << endl << endl;

return 0;

(It's also worth noting that I have a C++ compiler (and some for loops in my presentable code) that makes the outputs more seamless than on the browser version. Hail Xcode, and all that).

What was your final output?
What would your response be, girls, if some dood gave this... thing to you?

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Posted 3/26/16
Posted 3/27/16 , edited 3/30/16
Hahaha, that's really cute but if you're asking her out on a date, the C++ program is a little too much. Just ask her out for lunch and split the bill or go to the movies or cafe to study lol.

Also, OP, do you know if she likes you back? I really suggest going out on little dates between both of you then use the program to ask to be her boyfriend. I think that's the best way to go...

Though, I do like computer science and I'll cringe at first but you put in the effort of asking so I'll probably give you a chance lol. If she has no programming background, AVOID DOING THIS, she'll probably make an error somewhere (lol dummy proof it with loops or something).

Go for it, OP! You can do it! Ask her out!
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Posted 3/27/16
Yeah, that's a good suggestion. I think I'll do that.
I think that she likes me, at least from when I'm with her. Though, I'm a terrible judge of social situations. She seems fairly open to me, and laughs at most things I say (though, I'm the closest thing to the head of a standup comedy club that my school has, so I... would like to think that it is funny.)
Oh, she's taken the same number of CS courses that I have, so everything's good there. And, I'll add a loop safety net for the important bits.

Thanks for the advice, Daisuki!
Posted 3/30/16 , edited 3/30/16
sorry but she would probably find it lame straight away
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Posted 3/30/16
I feel like it also took too long to get to the point lol

I would just be direct with her. But not TOO direct where she is like "what a weirdo"
be casual and just try to spend more time with her outside of school.
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Posted 3/30/16
It is a good idea, but don't pull it straight out of the blue. Try dropping subtle hints before otherwise it might catch her off guard too much. Remember, don't rush into it. Though you CODE always ask her "Would you go out with me?" and get it done quickly and less cheese-ily. Sorry that was just for the pun.
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Posted 3/31/16
Honestly, if I can be blunt. Just ask. You're young and a guy, you will screw it up, but she'll also forgive you for screwing it up and think it's cute.

Admit to yourself you're nervous but ask yourself this: What if you never ask and let it pass you by? What are you more afraid of at that point? Her saying No or her saying Yes to someone else cause you didn't ask? In the long run the worst she can say is "No, I don't want to ruin our friendship". I know that sucks, been there mate, but really you need to just ask. Stumble over it, fall down while you ask, be red in the face from embarrassment, but just ask.

Bit of wisdom: Don't live with the regret of not asking, trust me, that's much much worse.

Good Luck!
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Posted 4/1/16
Posted 4/5/16
Try it anyway.
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