Left-wing and Right-wing series
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Posted 3/26/16 , edited 3/27/16
I decided to list which anime and manga series have a left-leaning or a right-leaning political view.

* UC Century Gundam series (Tomino personally did not like Japan's actions during WWII, main antagonists are modeled off the Nazis, series in general show how terrible war is)
* Black Bullet (Apartheid allegories; Main character believes that Cursed children should be treated as equals to the humans; some of the main antagonists are right-wingers modeled after Uyoku Dantai and want to reunite Japan under their rule and use genetically modified Gastrea for world domination)

* Gate (blatant cultrual posturing; all the other countries are portrayed as power-hungry trying to get the Gate to exploit it, even though Japan is trying to do the exact same thing; leftists are portrayed as petty and self-serving)
* Highschool of the Dead (Saya's family and their supporters are a group of uyoku dantai- militant, traditionalist Japanese ultra-nationalists; leftist people are portrayed as straw cowards, hypocrites and/or idiots)

Masamune Shirow's works (Ghost in the Shell, Dominion Tank Police) are likely right-wing though they were likely done in a way as to be a Take That towards the right than play it straight.
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