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Posted 3/27/16 , edited 3/27/16
I am doing a research project on how anime culture brings together people from all walks of life, and would greatly appreciate your help in answering the following questions.
Please submit your answers by March 30 6pm CST.

• Age, gender, ethnicity and occupation:
• How long have you watched anime?
• When did you first start enjoying anime?
• When was the height of your anime consumption?
• Of the people you know many like anime?
• Since we are trying to quantify the way that anime brings together people from different walks of life, how many of those people are 5+ years older or younger than you?
• What is your favorite thing about anime?
• What is the main way you feel connected to other people who watch anime?

Thank you for your participation!
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30 / M
Posted 3/27/16 , edited 3/28/16
1. 28. Male. White/with Native American. Store Associate/Stockroom.
2. For 20 years.
3. After I first started watching slayers in sub form back in 1995-96.
4. I am going to say it started a year ago when I decided to pay for CR.
5. Excluding here; I know about 12 people like anime probably more. Here on CR it would be about over 20.
6. Maybe 1 friend. About 2 here on CR.
7. The different selection i can watch, art, and story.
8. We can talk about a certain character and discuss the best part of an ep or a season.
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21 / M / Here
Posted 3/27/16 , edited 3/28/16
1.19. Male. White English. Freelance Musician.

2.About 4 years, at least where properly consuming it is concerned. However the first anime I technically saw I suppose would be 'The Moomins' on video when I was about 1 or 2 years old.

3. Probably when I was about 9 or 10. I caught Naruto on the TV briefly and enjoyed it. I also found Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 1 at a game store for the PS2 and picked that up.

4. 3 or 4 years ago, I guess? I marathoned a whole lot of anime. I'd wanted to watch it for a while but was embarrassed since I had a speaker system only and my computer was in the same room as my brother. Said amount of time ago I got a new PC and had it set up in my bedroom, and I took that opportunity to start properly watching stuff.

5. People I know? About 6. People I'm still in contact with? 1.

6. Actually none. It's worth noting those people are people I went to school with and I only associated with kids in my year.

7. I find it entertaining. You can find things that maybe aren't covered so much over in the West, it's a different outlook on entertainment. It's also fiction so the limit in practically all areas only ends at the creator's imagination, bar a few budgetary constraints, perhaps. And with time, I've also grown to appreciate the multiple facets that make up an anime as a whole, from voice over, to animation, to music and sound design.

8. Well with the friend I still see frequently I'd say it's how we can openly discuss the stuff, critique, make suggestions to each other, that sort of thing. He's more of a manga guy if I'm honest, but the two are so similar that it doesn't really make much of a difference.
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21 / M / Florida
Posted 3/27/16 , edited 3/28/16
•Age: 19 Gender: Male Ethnicity: White Occupation: Roofer
•For about a year and a half now
•After i heard a few friends talking about Fairy Tail and decided to check it out
•Around September 2015 up till the new year
•Around 10
•None they all are my age maybe a year older
•The way they go about telling the stories and how they keep making me want to watch the next episode no matter how tired i am (SAO, Hunter x Hunter)
•I guess by being able to talk to others about the Character we like or what we think could happen in the next episode stuff like that
Posted 3/27/16 , edited 3/28/16
15, white, female, student.
Since I was around 5-6, if you're counting Pokemon.
Around 9-10.
Around when I was 12-14.
In real life, about I think... 6?
Just one.
It's fun to watch, just like any other medium of entertainment.
Hmm.. I really don't know. I guess it's because we all like the same thing.
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50 / M / New England, USA
Posted 3/27/16 , edited 3/28/16
1. 47, White, Male, Disabled
2. Since around 1971 or so.
3. Since around 1971 or so.
4. Over the last 10-15 years (after ending up disabled)
5. Literally ALL of them although some much more than others.
6. At least 75% of them. My friends and family range from 8 to 87 or so.
7. Variety. I love all genres, art, story, music, seiyuus voices...there's no part on the anime process I find unnecessary or better than another.
8. There are so many things here. Seeing someone smile when I put them on a title I think they may like. Talking to them about titles we have in common. listening to anime-based music/artists with them, there are so many different things.
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Posted 3/27/16 , edited 3/28/16
1. 21, Male, White, Student.
2. 6-7 years.
3. When I saw my friends liked it, I figured it was worth watching and started watching it too (Naruto specifically).
4. Last fall (watched 20ish shows as they came out and probably watched 6 or 7 other completed shows).
5. 3 back in high school, but now just 1.
6. None.
7. It has less visual limitations than live action and is quicker and easier to digest than a book.
8. The fact that someone values the same thing as me makes me feel like we are similar.
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Posted 3/27/16 , edited 3/28/16
• 27, Male, White, Software Development
• About 15 years
• 2006
• 2007-2009
• Around 10
• None
• It has a lot of variety without demanding too much of a time commitment.
• Honestly, I don't really feel connected to other people who watch anime at all. In dealings with other people, my love of anime feels like some sort of eccentricity that I need to talk about sparingly lest I bore them with unnecessary details that only I find interesting.
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21 / M / Costa Rica
Posted 3/27/16 , edited 3/28/16
1. Age: 21, Male, White Latin American, student

2. 6-7 years probably

3. I first enjoyed anime watching the first episodes of Naruto after a friend recommended the show for me. Then another friend told me about Fullmetal Alchemist and that is when I knew that I had to watch more anime.

4. I think it was about 2 years ago when I was in vacations, I started watching One Piece and it became the only show that I watched for a while in order to catch up as soon as I could. Still haven´t by the way.

5. There were like 5 or 6 in high school, now I know probably 14 or 15 people who also like anime, along with the other guys from high school.

6. There are like 2 of them who are younger than me by 5 years, on the other hand there are like 6 or 7 that are five years older than me.

7. The huge variety in content, the anime industry has just as much variety as the film industry, and there is something for everybody. There are quite a few shows like Fullmetal Alchemist that do not shy away at the idea of covering serious topics and dealing with them in a very serious tone, while most american cartoons will only cover them in a comical way, not always, but most of the time it does happen. Take for exampe Family Guy which only looks to offend people instead of giving some insight on serious topics and when it tries to be taken seriously, it is impossible because the show revolves around being as offensive as it possibly can.

8. When I find someone who has the same tastes as I do in anime, I like to chat with them so we can have different perspectives on the same show. It´s really fun for me and it is an easy method of making friends, and it works in any other form of entertainment.
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Posted 3/27/16 , edited 3/28/16
1) 37, White, Male, Writer
2) I watched Voltron as a child in the 1980s and Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh in the early 2000s (laying in bed watching Saturday morning cartoons was one of my few guilty pleasures as a graduate student), but I've only been watching anime regularly since for about 3 years.
3) About 3 years ago. I had been curious about anime for awhile but never got around to watching any. Tried a few random things on Netflix that were not good starter anime, including Sekerie and Rosario x Vampire. Eventually I found Spice and Wolf, which I liked a lot, but at the time Netflix only had Season 2. I wandered over to Hulu to watch Season 1, where I also found Usagi Drop (after I found a decent anime review website) and eventually Toradora--I've been in love with the genre ever since.
4) About a year after I started watching anime, I went through a down period professionally, and I was watching easily a 12 episode season every week, if not more.
5) Only 3 or 4, and they tend to only watch it pretty casually. One or two (including my wife) will watch a show if I recommend it to them strongly enough. My brother and my cousin watch a few of the more famous, darker shows (FMA, Deathnote, etc.), but very little else. That's about it.
6) None are more than 5 years older than me. All but one are younger, though all are in their 30s.
7) I love the different perspectives. You get slice of life stories that talk about people's everyday lives. Characters eat, take baths, get dressed, even use the bathroom--and yes, often those are sources of fan service. But in Western TV and movies, characters almost never do any of those things. "24" is a minute-by-minute accounting of a man's day, in which he never once slept, ate, or peed, as far as I could tell. I also love the way romance is portrayed in anime. There is less focus on "love at first sight" and on "destiny" and more focus on choice and on working hard to make romance work. After being happily married for 13 years, I can yell you that destiny has nothing to do with real lasting love, so I appreciate that perspective.
8) I do enjoy recommending a show to a friend (or to my wife) and then having them like it and discussing it with them. But mostly I'm not really in it for the social interaction, so much as I am in it for the entertainment. I like the friendly and helpful nature of these forums, and so I enjoy participating on them. And I do like finding hidden gems that other people recommend. But for me, it's less about the social experience, and more about the anime itself.
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37 / M / UK
Posted 3/28/16 , edited 3/29/16
• 35, Male, British, Office manager
• The first time I watched anime knowing that it was anime (Japanese animation) was when I was about 14 or 15 in 1995/6. The first time I watched anime dubbed into English was probably when I was around 3 in 1984 (some anime scenes are among my earliest memories)
• I have always enjoyed watching anime, but I didn't get serious until I started work at 19 (VHS tapes were expensive and it was rare for anime to be shown on UK TV back then - it still is, apart from the mass-market series like Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z).
• This last year since I signed up to Crunchyroll. Previously I'd buy a stack of DVD box sets and binge watch whenever I had time off work. Now I watch at least 1 episode online each day. I still have a stack of 40 or so DVD box sets to binge watch if I can ever clear through the Crunchyroll catalogue.
• I don't have any close relationships outside of my family, so I have no idea how many people I know enjoy anime. Certainly some of my family like it and there is one person in another team at work who is supposedly a closet Otaku.
• The guy at work is probably 15 to 20 years older than me. The family members who like anime are about 15 years younger.
• That the plot lines are not as constrained as in many western shows. Of course there are plenty of shows that are riddled with cliches but there is usually at least one series per season that twists off in a direction I didn't expect.
• I don't feel connected to other people who watch anime. I detest spoilers so I avoid talking to other people about it - either I will end up telling them about a show they haven't seen or vice-versa.
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21 / M / Termina
Posted 3/28/16 , edited 3/28/16
1. 19. Male. White British. Pupil.
2. When I was a kid, but only regularly for 1 and a half years.
3. Since I was a kid.
4. A year and a half ago.
5. 1 person.
6. The 1 person is 6 years older.
7. It's fun.
8. I'm not sure I do. I haven't spoken to many people about it.
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Posted 3/28/16 , edited 3/28/16
• 15, female, white american, high school student
• I watched Toonami when i was a kid, but did not start avidly watching until middle school. So its been three years.
• i think I was 7 when i first watched Naruto, Pokemon, One Piece.
• Four people got me into anime that I have since lost touch with them but they were treasured friends.Now I am close with five people who watch it. Two of those five are from my family.
• I've watched anime movies with my mom as a way to spend time together, we don't do it often but i enjoy it very much.
• I love the feeling of getting invested in something and experiencing a new culture, something I could never do with american television. Anime can tell amazing stories and make you laugh till you cry and cry till you laugh. It covers all genres, so anyone can find something they like. It can be beautiful, epic, hilarious, suspenseful. It created a communities like this one. I know all of this is cheesy, but I honestly believe anime has made my life more interesting.
• I wouldn't quite call it "connected", but it has become a way for me to find new friends with similar interests.
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Posted 3/28/16 , edited 3/29/16
1. 18, Male (white), Student.
2. For about six years.
3. The first anime that I watched was Ouran High School Host Club, and I really liked it, but I didn't realize that it was an entire genre of media. So, after I put two and two together, I really started to get into anime.
4. The height of my anime consumption was around a year ago, so early-mid 2015.
5. Many people I know like anime. All of my close friends (about eight), save one like anime, and there are many more at my school, too.
6. Sorry, but none of those people are outside of a 5-year tolerance of my age.
7. The storytelling that can be achieved through anime.
8. I suppose that I feel some form of friendship "boost" that connects us. Hard to quantify.
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