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25 / F / Sealed away in my...
Posted 3/27/16 , edited 11/3/17
Name- Saika Mikoto
Age 17
Height 5'7
Weight 155lb
Gender: Female
Personality: kind and caring and mostly an airhead
Likes: books and writing and drawing, sweets and cats
Dislikes: rude and lairs and hot stuff and snakes
Bio : A girl with a normal life wants to know the thruth about herself to the the reason of her life

Names : Takahiro and Takashino Sinto
Ages 20 and a half and 20
Weights: 167 and 145
Heights: 6'1(their both the same)
Gender: males
Personality: their both serious
Skills: marital arts and guns
Weapons: guns and knifes
Bio- separated not by birth but an accident one twin remembers the other and while remembers nothing but his brother . One works for a group trying to destroy the world while the other just looks for his brother

Name-Ryuichi Moto
Height :6'1
Gender: male
Personality: sly and cold and sometimes funny
Likes:spicy food and dogs
Dislikes: the human race
Skills: his wits and speed and tai chi
Weapons: guns and neddles
Bio- an unknown man who knows everything about anything and secrets that should stay hidden

Name Imonochi Kejii
Age 21
Height: 6'2
Weight: 179lb
Gender: male
Skills: first aid and marital arts
Personality: cunning and smart
Bio- a man who is posses as a doctor and professor and is looking for the blood scrolls and blood books
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20 / M / Storm cloud
Posted 10/9/17 , edited 10/9/17
Name: Charlie
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Skills: Survival skills, weapons and hand-to-hand combat
Personality: Serious, witty, clever, smart-ass, can crack a joke or two
Bio: Charlie likes the mythological and is a great believer of it, he also likes history so he decided to become an archaeologist and a tomb raider. over the few years of his work, Charlie has become more serious, not just in his work but as a person too, making it hard for people to get too close to him. Charlie had first heard of ancient blood scrolls, books and lost pages during his younger work days but he passed it off as superstition, although over the years he had seen some pretty interesting things that could point to them being true, its probably due to this fact that Charlie has become so serious...

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19 / F
Posted 10/10/17 , edited 10/25/17

Mimi Faye
Age: 19
History:Mimi is a selfish and conceited person cares only for herself, she is an excellent thief that will steal, forcibly take or black mail others into giving her anything of worth that she fancies, most things she sells but some rare items she will hold onto for a little bit longer. Mimi having stabbed many people in the back to achieve her goals has a huge bounty on her head but that doesn't stop her fro doing what she does best, scheming and making money.
Sexuality: bisexual
Skills: acting, lying, hand to hand combat, shooting, parkour, extortion,accounting, making a profit
Likes: money, profiting, a challenge, wine, weapons, hot people
Dislikes: ugly people, bad food, being lied too, being stolen from, those opposing her
Personality: calculated, intelligent, sexy, selfish, competitive, cold, daring, charismatic
Appearance: dark brown hair, brownish red eyes, half tattoo sleeve that partly comes out onto her chest, slim but athletic.

Max Valentine
Age: 21
Sexuality: straight
Skills: sensing when someone lies, athletic, fighting, mixed martial arts, swimming.
Likes/Dislikes: likes swimming, running, apples. Dislikes working in teams, drama, other people
Personality: sporty, quite, calm, distant,
level headed, resourceful
Appearance: blonde hair, orange eyes, fair skinned, athletic build

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