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Posted 3/27/16 , edited 6/14/17
Name- Sai Mikoto
Age 17
Height 5'7
Weight 155lb
Gender: Female
Personality: kind and caring and mostly an airhead
Likes: books and writing and drawing, sweets and cats
Dislikes: rude and lairs and hot stuff and snakes
Bio : A girl with a normal life wants to know the thruth about herself to the the reason of her life

Names : Takahiro and Takashino Sinto
Ages 20 and a half and 20
Weights: 167 and 145
Heights: 6'1(their both the same)
Gender: males
Personality: one is clam and one his serious
Skills: marital arts and guns
Weapons: guns and knifes
Bio- separated not by birth but an accident one twin remembers the other and while remembers nothing but his brother . One works for a group trying to destroy the world while the other just looks for his brother

Name-Ryuichi Moto
Height :6'1
Gender: male
Personality: sly and cold and sometimes funny
Likes:spicy food and dogs
Dislikes: the human race
Skills: his wits and speed and tai chi
Weapons: guns and neddles
Bio- an unknown man who knows everything about anything and secrets that should stay hidden

Name Imonochi Kejii
Age 21
Height: 6'2
Weight: 179lb
Gender: male
Skills: first aid and marital arts
Personality: cunning and smart
Bio- a man who is posses as a doctor and professor and is looking for the blood scrolls and blood books
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