Fort of Apocalypse
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Posted 3/28/16
Sorry if there's already a topic for this one, did a search and didn't find anything! *bows bows bows bows bows*

Anyway, got totally hooked by this manga. Usually not a big fan of zombies but I found this to be a refreshing and fun take on the subject matter. Plus, it was set in Japan so even better! It's on Crunchy so just go out and find it! Not too long so it's totally worth reading if you have the time. Can't wait for this thing to inevitably be turned into an anime... it has to be.

Anyhow, quick question... umm, what happened? I can't find the last, promised chapters anywhere. Not on Crunchyroll and not anywhere else online either, at least not in English. I know it's out, I read a quick synopsis of it but that appears to be it. So what's up? Did Crunchy drop it? Did they not think it was worth it? It's not a worthless ending as is but... the last page kind of did promise the "True Ending" so... yo! Did you forget?
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Posted 12/30/17 , edited 12/30/17
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