Kiznaiver World Premiere! Thoughts?
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Posted 3/28/16 , edited 3/28/16
Hey Guys!

I went to Anime Boston over the weekend working at CRbooth(SO FUN). Wanted to see if anyone else came to Kiznaiver EP 1 and 2 panel. It was at Sakura con as well. Obviously no spoilers Please! Just want to talk about what everyone thought and see if anyone's as excited as I am!

This anime has been kept very much under wraps and no one knows about it!

I think Trigger strikes again with a great start. I knew I would like the art just by seeing the poster but the character designs look much better in the anime itself and the animation takes it to another level. All the VAs are perfect, fitting all these very different and interesting characters so well.

What did you think?
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Posted 12/31/17 , edited 1/1/18
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