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Posted 3/28/16
Alrighty, so we assume that the queen had eaten Pokkle ( a 'rare' human), therefore producing Meruem. (In my opinion, this theory seems plausible).

Now, we know Meruem was then quite possibly the strongest fighter alive.

And that was after she had eaten Pokkle whose not even that significantly strong compared to the other nen fighters.

Imagine if instead of Pokkle, the queen had SOMEHOW (because we know Netero would be too hard for the queen to have caught and eaten), somehow she had managed to eat Netero instead.

Imagine the chaos that would ensue, no rock would be left unturned, the entire HxHverse would be blown away.


Posted 3/28/16
That would be interesting to see but It would also be the end of the hunter universe haha.
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Posted 3/28/16 , edited 3/28/16
True dat. Unless Gon was in a god/satan mode that is much more worse (100-1000x) than the god mode he was in, when he killed Pitou.
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