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Posted 3/28/16
So, this term I thought I had coined back in 2013 is apparently also the name of some Osu! user, among other identities, (according to an Osu! maniac I'm acquainted with...).

To put it plain and simple, "kyundere" is a love-struck exterior surrounding a hidden cute side.

For example, you could argue that Tachibana Marika is a kyundere: most of her thoughts are about her loved one, to whom she's constantly clinging and professes her love -- you could almost see the hearts dancing above her. However, whenever things develop to where she's put on the defensive in love, Marika immediately shies away from opportunity and exposes her "cute" side.

Kyundere differs from deretsun/typeB/whatever/etc. in that it, unlike the latter, while still shy, does not give off a cold impression, nor is it the default state the conventional "dere".

In short, kyundere is always on the offensive, but weak to reciprocation.

-I feel this archetype is under-appreciated, and I really hope someone can do a better job at explaining it than I can.

Your thoughts?
Posted 3/29/16 , edited 3/29/16
So, after skimming what you just said, a kyundere is basically like a reverse tsundere??

EDIT: Ah ok so maybe more along the lines of a reverse dandere
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Posted 3/29/16
I think I see what you're getting at. At first she's all "I love you forever", but then when you act on it, she's like "I'm not ready to take that step yet" and viewers go "kweh!" or whatever.
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