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Posted 3/29/16
Having problems with buffering. Sometimes it works flawless and sometimes it don't.

When it doesn't work the video lags. I pause for ~3 mins to see if it works again, and it does for around one minute, then it goes lagging again. I've also tried to wait more than 10 minutes but the same thing happens. I should also add i have 100/100 fiber, so it shouldn't be on my end atleast (tried other multiple streaming sites and it works without any issues at all) .

When it works, it works good.

I guess this is something to do with your streaming servers?

Anyway, hope this'll get fixed soon.

Best regards
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Posted 3/30/16
Having the same problems. I have cable internet that has no problems streaming anything. It's been doing this several nights in a row this week. Hope this gets resolved soon.
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