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Posted 3/30/16 , edited 12/28/16
Reason: I cannot easily find the high user rated animé when I want to start watching new series. I also prefer to find high user rated that are also completed. But i can't do that.

Issue: There is no way to sort the shows and I don't want to watch every animé to find out if its good or not. I know there is a user rating so there must be a way to implement a sort by rating, completed. etc.

Considering I have been willing pay, I'm hoping for a more advanced search system which I have been waiting for in the last 9 years. There has been improvements on visuals but not so much the UX which I directly affects my ability to use CR.

For the quickest fix, can you at least put the rating on all the animé boxes to the right of the "### Videos" text? I really want to start a highly rated animé that I have not yet watched.

Thank you for your attention~
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