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DOAX3 Impressions
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Posted 4/6/16 , edited 4/7/16

eddie1255 wrote:

StriderShinryu wrote:

Looks like they improved the volleyball quite a bit and looks like that bug is fixed. I always had that problem with last two games. So how are the swimsuits any old one's make it back to the game? I saw some pics and a pink one for Kasumi made back.

Many old ones have made it back but there are some new suits as well. Some of the suits that used to belong to the girls that didn't make it into the new game have been given to the girls who are in DOAX3 but some are missing in action for the moment. Also, some of the returning suits have been altered slightly, for both the better and the worse. Maybe it's just me, but the suits in the game right now largely don't feel as skimpy as they did in DOAX2 where pretty much every girl had at least one or two that pretty much showed everything.

Overall, I'm sort of disappointed with the suit variety. I do like the fact that there are less skimpy suits but the suits feel like they come in slightly less flavours than before. There's quite a few suits even between girls that are similar to each other with just slight variations. I'm also sad that one of my favourite styles (the Chinese style dress that Lei Fang used to have) is only in a background and not in game, and another of my favourite styles (the skirt with bikini top) that Hitomi has is in the game but doesn't look as good as it used to. I've got some new favourites but I'm not paralyzed but all of the excellent choices I felt like I had in the previous games (especially if you liked the more normal clothes approach they had in DOAX1).

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Posted 12/31/17 , edited 12/31/17
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