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Posted 3/31/16
When I like a show, I rapidly fill up my history with dozens of episodes of that show.

My history would be MUCH MORE USEFUL if it were heirarchical and presented me instead with a list of SHOWS that I'd watched, which I could then expand to see which episodes.

I tend to put shows I like into my queue, but when I'm done watching them, I don't want to forget what they were - so they stay in my queue forever. This has made my queue overly large, so I've been tossing shows out of my queue even though I'd really like to keep track of them.

And just now, I was staring at my queue trying to remember the name of that one anime I liked which I tossed out of my queue to make room for other stuff. And I thought "if my history were easier to browse BY SHOW, I could just look there."

Anyway. Just an idea.
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Posted 3/31/16
This is something that has been asked for ever since they stopped the old watchlist function and replaced it with the queue, which is fundamentally a different thing.

Thing is, that even if they implemented it, there would still be a couple of things that would cause user concern.

You wouldn't be able to keep track of having watched other shows on other streaming services (funi, TAN, Netflix, etc) which were not available here.

Your history of having watched something would occasionally disappear (just as your watched episodes can do now), if/when a streaming license expired or was taken away by another service, as Funimation has done in the past. Sometimes old show pages are kept, but there are times that they get entirely removed.

I'm not necessarily saying they won't ever do it, but no other (legit) competing streaming service has this functionality, either.

So if/until they ever do it (nothing so far for years of people asking), your best option is to use one of the listing services which let you keep track of everything, including shows not here, and they don't forget, either. Some or all of these also let you maintain multiple separate classification lists as well as watched, such as "Watching", "Want to watch", "stalled", "dropped", etc. You can create custom lists on some of them, too, so along with the overall you can have separate ones to keep track of just CR content if that is what you truly want.

There are probably more of these, but these are the four I'm most familiar with:

You would need to create a (free) account and keep track there.

Otherwise, you could keep a manual list by creating a BBcode "Page" here on CR, which can be done from a link on your user profile. There is a tab there for "Pages". Most people generally wind up using one of the encyclopedia services above though.
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