Night Night Gun / ICER from Agents of SHIELD
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Posted 4/2/16 , edited 4/2/16
Apologies in advance, this is kind of picture heavy, and has links to art packages and tools I used.

After years of wrestling with various 3D art packages, I decided recently to dig in and learn Autodesk's 123D Design. I found out it could import vector art files, and since I'm used to using Inkscape, it seemed like a good match for me. I'm also a huge Agents of SHIELD fan, and while I'm sure it's recommended that you start off making cubes and spheres and such, I wanted to jump right in and make myself a Night Night Gun / ICER. This thing:

I traced it out in Inkscape, then brought it into 123D Design:

After that, I extruded the parts, rounded them, and split them up to make it easy to 3D print:

From there, a lot of sanding, a little paint, adding in a test LED, and voila! A Night Night Gun that Fitz would hopefully be proud of.

More pictures are posted here, and if you've got a 3D printer available, I've posted the print file to

Hope you enjoyed!
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Posted 4/12/16 , edited 4/12/16
Hey, that's pretty good for your first try. I'm sure Fitz would be very proud!!
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