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Make your own character and Weapon!
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23 / F / Warcraft 3 world :P
Posted 2/10/08 , edited 2/10/08
Make your own character and Weapon! Look at this before you type on this forum!

Character: Weapon:
- Name - Name
- Age - Weapon Appearance
- Special Ability - What's so Special about it
- Personalities - Powers
- Your powers - Abilities
- What are you? - Materials to create this weapon

Good luck about thinking of your Character and Weapon!
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22 / F / umm... I CANT TEL...
Posted 2/10/08
name-yamazaki kari
special ability-her speed
personality-cool and shy
weopons-a knife?

Posted 2/10/08
Character: Weapon:
- Name - Gangstarfly
- Age - 15
- Special Ability - its got a cursed eye
- Personalities - cold and doent care about his life
- Powers - to see tru everything
-Weapens - a scyte with a hook on the end
- What are you? Human
- Materials to create this weapon Orihalcon xD
Posted 2/10/08
wrong section this goes under games.
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28 / M / Mt.Clemens, Michi...
Posted 2/10/08

Weapon- Rifle with a bayonet running the bottom of the barrel except for one place to put his hand.
Name- Alfred "Chapman" Siegfried
Age- 39
Special Power- NOTHING
Personality- There is a deep power beneath the art of disbelief. A large part of Alfred's personality is the disbelief in magic and the occult. His strong opinion of it's non-existance literally causes it to be anulled when it is applied to him directly. He only has two beliefs, and that is politics and his rifle. Beautiful ain't it?
Posted 2/10/08
nope this is not a rong section

this goes under anime sins most of those things go under anime e.g

Cursed eye : D gray man

orihalcon weapens : Black cat

etc most weapens and ability's come from anime ! end.
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24 / F / somewhere.
Posted 2/10/08
- Name - Tsubasa
- Age - 14
- Weapon Appearance - Gun. It has a blood-red ruby on the handle to indicate death.
- Special Ability - The gun? It almost never misses. It has a success rate of 80/100.
- Personality - Happy-go-lucky. She gets very emotional at times. (PMSing, perhaps?)
- Powers - Talks to ghosts. If the gun's that special, the girl gets something too.
- Abilities - Sucks at math, excels at language.
- What are you? - She's human, bakayaro.
- Materials to create this weapon - Silver, Steel, Ruby. Bullets:D
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25 / M / Sweden
Posted 2/10/08
Name: Dickhead
Age: 1337
Weapon: picks up random narutards to throw at people (it hurts because they usuall have kunais with them).
Special abillity: his presence merely pwns you.
Personality: ...a dickhead (was it that hard)?
Powers: he can end naruto and one piece at will!
Posted 2/10/08
Ability: None really he's just really fit
Personality:Kind and Caring , Respectful
What he is: Human
Name: Theo donla
appearence: A sword with bladed spike coming out the side
Ability: Can break any metal
Materials: Steel, moonstone, Obsidiod (Obsidion=volcanic rock)
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24 / M
Posted 2/10/08
meh i'll just do this for the hell of it...

special ablitiy:human abilitys,can stand on two feet,is immune to fire
your powers:control over fire
what are you?:a cat
weapon name:xz gloves
weapon appearance:brown gloves with the letters xz on the top.
what's so special about it: it lets roku control fire
powers:fire manipulation
ablities:fire manipulation >_>
materials to make this weapon:are currently unknown

this is a character i created from the story im writing in another site.
edit: i bet im possibly gonna be the only person to use an animal as a character.
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23 / M / everyones graveyard
Posted 2/10/08
special ability-creating illusions
personality-cool and timid
cursed eyes
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31 / M / USA
Posted 2/10/08
Character: An Elf
- Name - Samb0
- Age - 22
- Special Ability - bows n arrows
- Personalities - Cool
- Your powers - Atomic power bows n arrows
- What are you? - The most powerful person on Earth

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Posted 2/10/08
Gender: Female
- Name - hikobuf
- Age - 10
- Special Ability - to make pple scared when they see her
- Personalities - cool like an ice cube
- Your powers - super strength to beat the crap outta someone
- What are you? - a human
-Weapon-Black Leather Gloves
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29 / M / brooklyn
Posted 2/10/08
special ability- can morph his shadow into a weapon or duplicate of himself
Personalities- Very moody can go from happy go lucky to SUPER emo
what are you-half demon half angel
weapon- Scythe with a small blade at the end
Materials- arcanite and mithril
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30 / M / The Black Order
Posted 2/10/08
name- chino takahashi
special ability-can control water
personalities-very happy and stupid
what are you- human/alien
weapon-chain swords
materials-light with water mixed with the power of the heart
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