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Make your own character and Weapon!
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22 / M / New York
Posted 2/10/08
special ability- can read girls minds
pesonality-sexy coo laid bac
weapons- guns ocasional
wht r u- human
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37 / M / Kyle
Posted 2/10/08
Weapon:Twin guns and a large sword
Name - Terry Jarmon - Age 13
Special Ability- Speed and never age
Personalities - Calm and Smart
Your powers - Summon demons and healing magic
What are you? Half-Elf
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26 / M
Posted 2/10/08
Weapon: Chainsaw Launcher
Name: Chainsaw Laucher
Weapon Appearance: It looks like a chainsaw launcher
What's so Special about it: IT LAUNCHES CHAINSAWS
Powers ...
Abilities ...
Materials to create this weapon Lot's of chainsaws
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35 / F / Earth
Posted 2/10/08
name - rely
age - 17 or 18
special ability - the power to see every memory in every live thing
personalities - cold nothing can touch her because she pretty muh seen everything
your powers - she develops new pshyc powers every time she use them
what are you? - the memorise

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37 / F / Alabama
Posted 2/10/08
name- Alu (weird isn't it? :sweatingbullets:)
special ability- Strength and speed
personalities- Friendly, serious, trustworthy
what are you- half fox
weapon-naginata and crossbow(it attaches to the arm)
I'm new here lol
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Posted 2/10/08

Character: Dragon
Weapon: a thorn
- Name Pato
-Age 2448 years old
- Weapon Appearance- its a thorn but it can cut through anything and my girl can make the thorn as small as a mouse or as big as a elephant
- Special Ability controls earth and change the genes in food EX: she can change the genes in apples without touching it so making it poisoned.
- What's so Special about it because she can kill people that way
- Personalities cold throughs people she doesn't know, but fun and loving with really close close friends. She has a hard time making friends, and getting people to know her.Loves potatoes. Has no patiences. Kills people on her free time. Dislikes people who chew bubblegum. Loves outdoors. She has a better time commuiting with animals tham humans. Does not eat meat, instead she eats plant meat. Grows and produces her own food. Hates to do anything with humans. She only likes to kill them. Loves to gramble. She was once a god of earth but got kick out because her 5th mother didnt want anyone more beauitful than her. She has 8 real sisters and 16 real brothers ,4 half sisters , and 21 half brothers, 13 step sisters, and 4 step brothers.
- Materials to create this weapon- plants

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23 / F /
Posted 2/10/08
Gender- female

Name- Diviya

Age- 13 ^^

Special ability- can turn anything 2 ice and can turn water/or simply control it into weapons ...can control/burn you with fire.........can control/ attack u with nature.....can control the wind...can munipulate thunder from her sword.......

Personalities- quiet....every-one-on-there-own....type can be moody (dont want to get on her bad side...)

What are you- half human half demon

Weapon- carries a gun special gun........and a averaged sized special(can control thunder) sword

Materials- unknown
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Posted 2/10/08
special ability-he turns to a shadow and sneaks
weapon-a samurai sword
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30 / M / The New Kingdom
Posted 2/10/08
Gender: N/A (Assumes form of male)
Name: Grey
Age: 1149
Personality: Impartial, uncaring.
Special Ability: He's a ghost, capable of become solid or controling the actions of others. Also has minimal knowledge of ressurection.
Weapon: Berzerker Sword
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Posted 2/10/08
Name-Ryou Kazekami
Build-Strong, yet lanky
Special ability- CAN KILL YOU LEGALLY, crazy sniper skills
Personality- Cool, calculating, dangerous, likes food and guns
What are you?-Anthropomorhic black cat
Weapon(s)-Smith & Wesson 500 with 2 inch barrel, Stechkin APS, NAVY 8-inch diver's knive
Knife finish-OD green
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26 / M / SomeWhere In Nevada
Posted 2/10/08
special ability- manipulating everything it can comprehend
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Posted 2/10/08
Name: Lachis Lovarougi
Special ability: to creat different dimensions and can control the elements fire, water and earth.
Personalities: a shy and mysterious person
Visual looks: hot, dark long hair.
Age: 17
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Posted 2/10/08
Alright ill' play

Personality-down to earth and sarcastic
Weapon-Modified dual .50 pistols
Ability-Insane speed and deadly accurate

Yes i am new here
Posted 2/10/08

name:jin of the shadows A.K.A jin weapon: shadow gontlets -they cant be removed-

gender:male age:19 weapon apperance: sharp claws with black mist around them

special ability: he can turn in his shadow and is most powerful at night

why thats special: powerful enough to destroy the world if in the right hands

personality: no emotions powers:his shadow gontlets can lift up to 4 Tons a.k.a 8000 pounds, he can slash in the air and a dark wave can come out killing alot of stuff , he can punch in the air and his fists shadow will stretch out hiting somthing far away a.k.a just like being right next to it: and others

what he is: a demon spirit bound to a human body for all eternity what makes it: most powerful things on earth
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28 / M / canada
Posted 2/10/08
Character: Weapon:
- Name - Kira
- Age - 18
- Special Ability - crazy strong swordsman/can manipulate wind
- Personalities- cold, carefree, loves to fight
- Powers- create/manipulate wind
- Weapons- dual kodachis
- What are you? gifted human
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