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Posted 4/2/16 , edited 4/3/16
Lets talk about a awesome classic that made carttoonetwork/toonami great
A amazing show i loved growing up with our favorite charactes, new & old
Bought the dvds, relived my childhood, still love it but im getting very close to the end
Which is really sad, wish they made more, not counting young justice
So with every show & movie thier are bound to be flaws. Lets talk about them.

First & most imporant:

DC IS VERY UNORIGINAL "correct me if im wrong"
But after watching most of it & seeing heros strongly resembling others
It bugs me just how much they are ripping of marvel & themselfs
And clones. Omg the clones

So we have
Hawk & Dove who rip off batman & robin, the original hawkman who became a judge/lawer... The fuck
And have super speed

2 iron man knock offs, yes 2, one in gun metal gray armor except he has a hammer
Another in white almost like the "big guy" from big guy & rusty the boy robot

The ultamen with a reboot of the wonder twins

Reverse flash, zoom, god speed. Its the same thing times 3?

Several heros with super strength -__-

2 characters that rip off ghost rider. A male & female version

A female version of superman & captain america :/

And probably more im forgetting
Second: the episodes

In the green lanterns episode where he goes to court hes as cold & stubborn as batman
He doesnt want any help which i found odd

When the flash is set up & mind controlled by the big hairy ape. How he gets mad cause he feed him what monkeys are SUPPOSE to eat. A banana

The episode with the android. Weird title too, doesnt make sense
He comes out of no where too. Like since the first episode to this. Im i missing something
Like im supposed to be catching up on the magazines? Well how was i? Im completly behind
The only magazines i remember is superman going to dracula & a sonic one.

A episode with grundy and hes connection to dark magic, aqua man, the magic guy & Cthulhu
What? What ? what? I dont get this episode

When they find a guy who can jump through time, hes equipment gets stolen, and in the future somehow green latern has a son or two? Static shock & some eagleman. Ugh wat? No.... Just no, that crap. I watched static shock. Hes father was a fat cop or something. The eagle dude? Idk filler character.

Why can wonderwoman fly? They totaly forget her jet

And much more but cant remember

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Posted 6/15/16 , edited 6/16/16
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Posted 6/20/16 , edited 6/21/16
Ummmmm DC being unoriginal... I'm a big fan of DC and Marvel and well... They both shamelessly rip off each other so.... there's that
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Posted 11/6/16 , edited 11/6/16
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