Post Reply What do you want to see animated in Konosuba Season 2?
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Posted 4/3/16

Let's try to keep it between vol. 3&4 since S1 was vol. 1&2. And which part do you want the "Best" animation?
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Posted 4/3/16
Honestly it will be volumes 3&4. Volume 3 is a more serious tone. I would personally like Volumes 5-7 animated. Those volumes re funny as well.

Volume 5 is about Kazuma's relationship with megumin, and Volume 7 is Darkness turn

Honestly Volumes 1 & 2 are hillarious, Volume 3 is good but has a more serious tone in the series. But so Far Volumes 5-7 have been the best for comedy, and seriousness. Volume 4 was ok

if I had to rank the LN so far it would be 5=6=7>1=2>3>4.I have not read LN 8 yet so I don't know how that will go yet.
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